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More pictures!
Published on: 2023-10-26
Hi everyone!

Today, while browsing my old backups I found a bunch of old, funny pictures that I had to add here. Currently, there's over 100 of them, which is quite an achievement, considering how I struggled to find anything initially.

Keep your eyes peeled for more cool stuff in the near future!

Six, six, six!
Published on: 2023-10-25
Hey there folks,

Three sixes have been added:

- Six new cool and funny Flash games
- Six new funny images in the gallery
- Six new Happy Tree Friends episodes

More stuff will be coming later. Stay tuned and thank to all of you, who have taken the time to visit this website.

The website is finally finished!
Published on: 2023-10-22
Hi there!

I have finally finished the website! The funny texts and links sections have been finally added.

That doesn't mean though that the website will not be updated - more stuff is still coming. I have lots more things to add to various sections - that includes missing Happy Tree Friends episodes, some flash games and maybe a few more sections.

In the near future I'm hoping to do a major redesign of the website, we'll see what happens. Have fun browsing!

Website design updates
Published on: 2023-10-20
Hey everyone!

The website has received a minor design update, mainly in the form of UI size reduction, to work better on smaller resolution screens. The main banner, fonts and categories icons are way smaller, previously they took way too much space.

The site should be now way more fun to browse. More updates are coming in the future, stay tuned!

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