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Arachne 1.73 GPL  (1.03 MB) - Added 2023-07-19
Graphical web browser for DOS, includes an e-mail client and a dialer. Capable of working under VESA graphical modes.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.51  (84.1 MB) - Added 2023-07-18
Internet Explorer version 5.51, last version to support Windows 95
Netscape Communicator 4.8  (22.7 MB) - Added 2023-07-18
Last version of Netscape Communicator browser from the 4.x line
RetroZilla 2.2  (12.4 MB) - Added 2023-07-19
Currently the best web browser for old computers that cannot run more modern software. If you want to browse the web under Windows 9x, this is your best choice.
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