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Nathan's Toasty Technology Page - Added 2023-10-22
One of the oldest websites that are still alive and constantly updated! Nathan Lineback's website with a massive GUI gallery, a section dedicated to how evil Internet Explorer is, Doom custom levels, Doom Alphas and much more. Must see!
The Old Net - Added 2023-10-22
A great portal dedicated to the internet of old. Contains a simple gateway to the Wayback Machine and lots of links to various retro-themed websites.
FrogFind - Added 2023-10-22
The Search Engine for Vintage Computers. A great replacement for more modern search engines, that will not work on you trusty Netscape 4 ;)
Old'aVista - Added 2023-10-22
The most powerful guide to the old internet! A great portal inspired by the long gone AltaVista. One of the go-to locations for old internet lovers. - Added 2023-10-22
Headlines from the Future! A Google News proxy for the web browsers of yesteryear.
Wiby - Added 2023-10-22
Search engine for the Classic Web. A custom search engine, that keeps an extensive catalogue of old websites, or newer websites designed to look and feel like the old web. You can even submit your own retro themed website!
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