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Badday  (1.57 KB) - Added 2023-10-26
Flips your desktop upside down. Add it to someone's startup and observe their reaction ;)
Fake Delete  (109 KB) - Added 2023-10-20
Fake Delete is the perfect prank to play on any unsuspecting user. It simulates deleting a specified directory from the machine. Very realistic, even power users will be fooled. Developed by RJL Software.
Fake Format  (111 KB) - Added 2023-10-20
Pretends to format a specified drive. Very realistic dialogs, summaries, and even hard drive chatter. Developed by RJL Software.
Format  (934 KB) - Added 2023-07-18
Disguises itself as "Jeff's Ultra Cool Application", and scares you by pretending to start a low level disk format. Try cancelling the countdown ;)
Meaning Of Life  (78 KB) - Added 2023-07-18
Have you figured out the meaning of life yet? If not, this little program might help you with that. 16-bit application.
Nap And Coffee  (61 KB) - Added 2023-07-19
A cool little program, that simulates doing something important on your computer, so that you can look busy while loafing around. It can either pretend to be installing an application, or scanning your disk for errors.
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