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BlowDuck  (619 KB) - Added 2023-07-18
Seems like Donald Duck is having a good time with Daisy ;)
Counter Strike - I Will Survive  (3.28 MB) - Added 2023-07-19
A hilarious parody of "I Will Survive", telling the story of a frustrated Counter-Strike player trying to deal with a cheater
Counter Strike - The Camper Song  (3.22 MB) - Added 2023-07-19
Parody of "Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears, describing the shenanigans of a typical Counter-Strike camper
Gerappa  (528 KB) - Added 2023-07-18
A great Renault Clio ad. Bet a lot of you used to run around the house screaming "Gerappa"!
JJ McKay - Uses Of The Word Fuck  (587 KB) - Added 2023-07-19
A short, professional lecture talking about one of the most popular, meaningful and versatile words in English language. You might learn a thing or two about potential uses of this word that you might have never considered before.
Killing My Software  (362 KB) - Added 2023-07-18
A great anti-Microsoft parody of Roberta Flack's song "Killing Me Softly"
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