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Bonzi Buddy  (49,8 MB) - Added 2024-02-04
The infamous Purple Gorilla. A cute desktop assistant, that turned out to contain nasty spyware. Proceed with caution.
Bruce Lee Screen Mate  (243 KB) - Added 2024-02-03
Hiya! A cool Bruce Lee screen mate, developed as an ad for Brisk. Walks, screams, kick, punches and drinks Brisk!
Granny Screen Mate  (236 KB) - Added 2024-02-03
Screen mate based on Granny Klump from the movie Nutty Professor II. Walking, farting and nasty ad for the movie
Mr. Bean  (125 KB) - Added 2024-02-04
A variant of XEyes featuring Mr. Bean. His eyes follow your mouse, sometimes he makes a funny noise.
Neko  (27 KB) - Added 2024-02-03
The lovely cat that chases you mouse around your desktop! IF you let it catch the mouse, he cutely falls asleep next to it.
Screen Mate Poe  (110 KB) - Added 2024-02-03
Poe, the jumping sheep from Fuji TV animated series. Jumps and runs around your desktop, providing you lots of fun!
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