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Don't Do That - Hospital  (281 KB) - Added 2023-07-20
What NOT to do when visiting someone at the hospital. From the great "Don't Do That" series. Powered by BitMagic.
Egg Fighter  (412 KB) - Added 2023-07-20
Flash fighting game, two eggs named Chuck and Bruce fight to death. You can play either against the CPU or another person. If Mortal Kombat is too much to handle for you, this might do the trick.
Gerbil  (506 KB) - Added 2023-10-25
It's a smartass gerbil in a microwave. Show him who's boss in 10 easy steps.
Gun  (33 KB) - Added 2023-07-18
A small, simple game, shoot some holes through your desktop. Not much, but might kill a few minutes. 16-bit application.
Hamster Dance  (286 KB) - Added 2023-10-25
A parody of the famous Hampster Dance - see what's on the mind of each hamster by clicking on them.
Helicopter  (217 KB) - Added 2023-07-18
A simple Flash arcade game, use the left mouse button to steer the helicopter up and down between obstacles.
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