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Liero 1.33  (373 KB) - Added 2023-07-18
Classic real-time earthworm-themed 2D shooter. Go head-to-head with your friend on split screen, or play against the CPU. This game is a must-play!
Missionaries and Cannibals  (375 KB) - Added 2023-10-26
Classic logic game: three missionaries and three cannibals must cross a river using a boat which can carry at most two people. The catch is: missionaries cannot be outnumbered by cannibals. Can you transport them all without casualties?
Pico's School  (399 KB) - Added 2023-07-18
A brutal Flash game. Pico's school is under attack, and he must fight his way through the bloodbath to stop the carnage, and return peace to school.
Quakiero 1.3  (658 KB) - Added 2023-07-18
A great, well made Liero Total Conversion by Weili Jiang, based on Quake and Unreal Tournament! One of the best Liero TCs I have ever player, highly recommended!
Rooftop Skater  (606 KB) - Added 2023-10-21
Another skating game, this time made in Flash. You choose one of several characters (including uncle Osama himself) in a quest for the prestigeous title of the best rooftop skater in the hood!
Singing Horses  (273 KB) - Added 2023-07-18
Four singing horses are at your disposal. Click on a horse to make it sing (or shut up), and create your one-of-a-king horse choir!
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