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Episode 13 - This Is Your Knife  (887 KB) - Added 2023-10-19
It's so much fun to go camping and roast marshmallows with your friends! But sparks soon fly as Flippy warps into his post-traumatic alter-ego. Remember those horror stories you told around the campfire? Watch out, cause this one comes true!
Episode 14 - Treasure Those Idol Moments  (635 KB) - Added 2023-10-19
The idol makes a starring appearance in this show and proves just how dangerous it can be to play with hidden treasures. Millions of Fans argued that this episode was based on the Brady Bunch (remember their vacation in Hawaii?), and others say Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Episode 15 - Snow What? That's What!  (852 KB) - Added 2023-10-25
Building snowmen, making snow angels and throwing snow balls are fun winter activities for our cuddly gang. But what do you do when one friend is trapped solid in a block of ice? Giggles finds out in a hurry!
Episode 16 - Chip Off the Ol' Block  (898 KB) - Added 2023-10-25
Ah, the smell of fresh cut grass... and blood and guts. When your parents tell you not to stick your hands in the machinery, you better listen! Oh, and don't play with fire either. It's really, really dangerous!
Episode 17 - Nuttin' but the Tooth  (872 KB) - Added 2023-10-25
Did Toothy go to dental school or is he just learning as he goes? Nutty's candy cravings lead to a rotten tooth, and it's Toothy to the rescue. Lumpy makes a brief appearance, just in time to save the day!
Episode 18 - Tongue Twister Trouble  (858 KB) - Added 2023-10-25
A leisurely ice skate goes horribly wrong in this snowy Happy Tree Friends episode. The ants once again take revenge on Sniffles the anteater. He just can't get a break!
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